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Antarctic Toob – 10 pieces

15.25 Inc. Vat

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  • These small animals are good quality. They are well finished and are good for working with the map of the world.
  • 10 pieces per TOOB®. Contents Cannot Be Purchased Individually.
  • Observe the animals of Antarctica without the freezing temperatures! This Antarctica Toob includes an emperor penguin, a chinstrap penguin, a rockhopper penguin, a blue whale, a humpback whale, a sperm whale, an orca, a crabeater seal, an Antarctic fur seal, and a wandering albatross.
  • Characteristics: Individually hand-painted and expertly sculpted, this Toob features models of some of the most important and iconic wildlife species endemic to Antarctica. You can use these figurines to learn about the different animals, for creative play, for school projects, or as pieces of décor for your nightstand or desk.
  • Contains 10 figurines that range from 4cm to 10 cm on their biggest dimension.. Whether it’s the emperor penguin’s unique yellow markings or the orca’s iconic black and white skin pattern, these models are accurately colored for lifelike realism.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free