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Board Game – Gnomes

24.99 Inc. Vat

Color :

The board game “Gnomes”:  Whoever fills his dwarf with the game pieces first is the winner

    • Game preparation :   Place the game board in the middle of your table so that it is easy to see and reach for both players. Each player sits in front of a colour dwarf. Then each player takes 3 pieces of each colour and assigns them to the coloured dots next to their dwarf. You have the dice ready. The person whose birthday is next may start rolling the dice. Then you take turns playing.
    • Gameplay:
    • Game variant 1 (only with colour dice) Roll the colour dice. Take a token of the colour you rolled and place it on a spot of the same colour on your gnome. Then you pass the die on and the second player rolls a colour. He also takes a piece of the colour rolled and assigns it to a coloured dot on his gnome. Then it is the turn of the first player again. If all three pieces of one color (e.g. red) are already distributed on the gnome and a player rolls this color (e.g. red) again, then this player may not place any pieces and it is the other player’s turn again. If a player rolls the color black, he must pass.
    • Colour matching
    • Hand eye co-ordination
    • Learning to play together – taking turns
    • Game variant 2 (with color and eye dice)
      Roll both dice. For example, if you roll the yellow die and a 2 with the eye die, you may take 2 yellow tokens and place them on two of your dwarf’s yellow dots. Then you pass the dice on and it is the second player’s turn. He also rolls the dice and takes the number of coloured game pieces rolled and assigns them to his gnome. Then it is the first player’s turn again. If he now rolls the colour yellow again and the number 2 or 3, he must pass the dice on immediately without placing a game piece, because he only has one yellow game piece left. It is the other player’s turn again. If a player rolls the colour black, he must pass.
    • End of the game:  The player whose fills gnome wins.