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Edible Mushrooms – Layer Puzzle

 49.95 Inc. Vat




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Puzzle with edible mushrooms in various stages of development.
Seven types – Golden Chanterelle, Saffron milk cap, Parasol mushroom, Common Morel, Penny Bun and Slippery Jack.
Mushrooms are a source of vitamin D – the more UV light they have the more vitamin D they make.
Dried Shitake mushrooms are a source of umani flavour – a  taste found in oriental food.
Umani is described as a “meaty” taste – Oyster Mushrooms are often used in vegetarian dishes for a  meat like texture and taste.
Contains small parts. Adult supervision required at all times.
– 2-level puzzles.
– Dimensions: 26 x 49 cm.
– 21 elements + frame and cover.
– Puzzle thickness: 5mm + 5mm.
– Painted with a colourless, odourless varnish with a certificate for children.