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learn to cut, make mosaics and perforate

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This  set is a perfect way for young children to learn all kinds of basic skills. Learn to cut, perforate and make mosaics in a fun and safe way. Includes all sorts of cheerful printed sheets to make learning fun.
Safety scissors, cannot cut hair and textiles.
Collection of fun cutting tasks with different brightly coloured exercises.
With different coloured and shaped mosaic stickers, you will learn how to make mosaics on the pre-printed cards in a fun way.
Learn safe perforation with fun perforation cards.
Stimulates the creativity of young children

  • Contents:
  • Safety scissors
  • Printed cutting sheets
  • Felt perforating mat
  • Perforating pen
  • Perforating cards
  • Foam mosaic tiles
  • Pre-printed mosaic cards