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Montessori Materials Sensorial Cabinet 120cm -Assembled on Rollers – Delivery in Ireland.

Montessori Materials Sensorial Cabinet 120cm -Assembled on Rollers – Delivery in Ireland.


Montessori Materials Sensorial Cabinet 120cm -Assembled on Rollers – Delivery in Ireland.

 549.00 Inc. Vat


Please contact [email protected] if you wish to buy more than one of our Montessori Cabinets.

Color :

This is a Fully Assembled Sensorial Cabinet.  No assembly is needed. Length 120cm Depth 39cm Height 66 cm.

The Montessori Sensorial Cabinet  has  Storage Spaces customised to hold  Montessori Materials Sensorial materials.. As well the Full 120cm length of the cabinet top is used to store and display materials. The cabinet height allows  children access to the materials stored on the cabinet top. There are 3 Locking Rollers to the front.

The Cabinet is designed to hold A set of 4 Cylinder Blocks, The Pink tower, The Brown Stairs. Knobless Cylinders, Thermic Tablets, Baric Tablets, Sound boxes, Tasting Exercise, Smelling Bottles, Pressure Cylinders,Fabric Box, First Box of Colour Tablets, Second Box of Colour Tablets, Third Box of Colour Tablets, Fourth Box of Colour Tablets,Touch Boards, Touch Tablets and box, Mini Long Rods, Set of 5 Boxes containing the Constructive Triangles, Geometric Solids, Geometric Plain Figures and Box, Constructive Blue Triangles, Matching Textures, Weight tubes, Circles Squares and Triangles, Blindfold,Colour Shape Sorter,Mystery Bag Geometric Shapes, Geometric Cabinet, Geometric Form Cards,Box for Geometric Form Cards, Geometric form Cards for Demonstration Tray, Demonstration Tray, Thermic Bottles, Binomial Cube and Trinomial Cube.

The Cabinet is Designed for the Sensorial Montessori Materials sold by Montessori Door to Door on this site. Other suppliers materials differ from ours.

The Cabinet is shipped fully assembled on a pallet using an overnight express service.

The Photo shows Montessori Materials displayed in the cabinet.

Top View of Montessori Materials Sensorial Cabinet.

These Montessori Materials are not included.

Delivery to Schools in The Republic of Ireland is included in the Price. This item is a Pallet Delivery.

Up to 3 Cabinets can be sent on a pallet. If you wish to buy more than one cabinet please contact [email protected] and we will reduce the cost for you.

Save €60.00 when you buy two cabinets.

Save €120.00 when you buy three cabinets.




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