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12 CVC Pink Language Objects – 2 of each vowel.

19.99 Inc. Vat

Color :

Set of 12 Pink Language Objects. There is one of each vowel . Two  CVC object A, I, O, U, E.  plus two extra .The 12 CVC objects are made up from a selection of objects.  Some objects  have different stances and colours from the image shown.  The object selection is made from available stock and  changes . Typical items are.

A – Hat, Cat, Bag, Pan.

I- Lid, Pig.

O – Dog, Pot.

U – Rug, Mug, Bun, Cup, Jug.

E – Hen, Peg, Bed.

We choose to offer higher quality larger objects.

The object are 3+ years and must be used under supervision.