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Montessori Door to Doors Starter Pack Three is an Expanded Range of over One Hundred  Montessori Materials for the Montessori Classroom.

Please note The  discount  is in two parts. 5% full order discount and 10 % subject to payment to our  Bank Account  by Electronic Transfer.

Items supplied include:

Practical Life: Set of 6 Dressing Frames with Beech wood Dressing Frame Stand. Cloth Folding Box. Dust Pan. Dust Brush. Latch boards with cabinet. Tray with 2 bowls, Tray with 2 jugs, Tray with funnel bottle and jug, Basket with different sized containers.

Sensorial: Set of 4 Beech wood Cylinder Blocks. Pink Tower with Stand.Set of Knobless Cylinders .Beech wood Broad Stairs. Long Rods and stand for Long Rods. First Box of Colour Tablets. Second Box of Coloured Tablets. Touch Boards.Touch, Fabric Box,Sound Boxes. Blindfold. Baric Tablets,Mystery Bag Geometric Shapes. Thermic Tablets. , Geometric Solids,Geometric Cabinet,Geometric Form Cards with box.

Mathematics: Number Rods and Stand for Number Rods. Printed Numbers with box. Sandpaper Numbers and Box. Beech wood Spindle Boxes with Spindles.Cut Out Numerals and Counters. Small Number Rods with Tiles.Teen Boards 11-19. Teen Bead Box. Tens Boards 11-99. Tens Bead box. Bead stairs 1-9 with box. Introduction to Decimal Symbol. Introduction to Decimal Quantity. Introduction to Decimal System. Binomial cube.

Language: Metal Insets with Metal Insets stands. 500 sheets Inset Paper. Beech wood Box for Inset Paper. Holder for 3 Pencils. Set of 12 Coloured Pencil Holders. Set of 144 Coloured Pencils. Sandpaper Letters with Beech wood Box. Double Sandpaper Letters with Beech wood Box. Sandpaper Capitals with Beech wood Box. Large Movable Alphabet with Beech wood box. Floor Mat lined for Alphabet Work.

Botany: Full Size Botany Cabinet,Set of Three Botany Puzzles- Leaf, Flower,Tree. Cabinet for the Botany Puzzles. Set of five Animal Puzzles with cabinet.

Geography: Globe of Continents. Sandpaper Globe of Land and Water. Puzzle Map Cabinet, Puzzle Map of Europe with paper maps. Puzzle Map of The World with paper maps. Puzzle Map of UK & Ireland with paper maps, Puzzle Map of North America with paper maps. Puzzle Map of Africa with paper maps,  Land  Forms Trays with Cabinet. Land Form Cards. Land Form Sandpaper Cards with Beech wood box.

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