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Montessori Door to Doors Starter Pack One is a range of Essential Montessori Materials for the Montessori Classroom.

The first 5% is a full order discount. The additional 10% discount is achieved by paying direct into our bank account.

Items supplied: Click on the Image at the bottom of the page to download a PDF Quote which lists all the items with prices.

Practical Life: Set of 6 Dressing Frames with Beech wood Dressing Frame Stand.
Sensorial: Set of 4 Beechwood Cylinder Blocks. Pink Tower with Stand, Knobless Cylinders,Broad Stairs,Long Rods,First Box of Colour Tablets,Sound Boxes,Blindfold.

Mathematics: Sandpaper Numbers and Box. Beechwood Spindle Boxes with Spindles. Printed Numerals and Counters. Small Number Rods with Tiles. Bead stairs 1-9 with box.

Language: Metal Insets with Metal Insets stands. Pad for Metal Insets. 500 sheets Inset Paper. Beechwood Box for Inset Paper. Holder for 3 Pencils. Set of 12 Coloured Pencil Holders. Set of 72 Coloured Pencils for pencil holders.. Sandpaper Letters with Beechwood Box. Large Moveable Alphabet with Beechwood box.

Botany: Set of Three Botany Puzzles- Leaf, Flower,Tree. Cabinet for the Botany Puzzles. Set of Five Animal Puzzles-Horse,Fish,Turtle,Frog and Bird. Cabinet for the 5 Animal Puzzles.

Geography: Globe of Continents. Sandpaper Globe and Map of World Parts with paper maps.

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