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Infant - Toddler 0-3

Infant - Toddler 0-3

The products are all certified for their age use. We offer a note of caution : Many suppliers offer infant – toddler materials that are CE certified 3+. Their website information says 0, 1 or 2 years, however the box will clearly have a CE 3+ – not suitable for children under 3 declaration or no CE age. This we will not do. The products in this section are CE certified for use at the age specified and this is on the box. The 22 BioBuddi Educational products which are 18 mths plus are not included here to avoid repetition.

Infant / Toddler Mirror

 169.00 Inc. Vat

Ball Run

 109.79 Inc. Vat

Flik Flak Bead Maze

 19.95 Inc. Vat

Horse with Hiah Hiah Sounds

 12.95 Inc. Vat

Muh Muh Cow

 12.95 Inc. Vat

Pets – wooden inset puzzle

 12.15 Inc. Vat

Pig with Grunt Grunt sounds

 12.95 Inc. Vat

Sea – wooden inset puzzle

 12.15 Inc. Vat

Sheep with Mah Mah Sounds

 12.95 Inc. Vat

Sound & Colour Matching Balls

 66.07 Inc. Vat

Sound & Colour Matching Blocks

 89.99 Inc. Vat

Set of 16 wooden farm figures.

 18.95 Inc. Vat

Clown – Peg Stacker

 18.50 Inc. Vat

Colour Shape Sorter

 39.95 Inc. Vat

Sina Through There

 18.29 Inc. Vat

Spin & Stack

 50.78 Inc. Vat

Crossing the Midline Exercise

 25.36 Inc. Vat

Everyday Puzzle – Bathroom

 16.77 Inc. Vat

Everyday Puzzle – Bedroom

 16.77 Inc. Vat

Everyday Puzzle – Mealtime

 16.77 Inc. Vat

Everyday Puzzle – Schoolroom

 16.77 Inc. Vat

Group Peg Toy

 127.65 Inc. Vat

Farm – wooden knobbed puzzle

 37.50 Inc. Vat

Home – wooden knobbed puzzle

 37.50 Inc. Vat

Sina XXL Threading Beads

 23.31 Inc. Vat

Teddy’s Day

 19.95 Inc. Vat