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Montessori Language Materials.
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How My Brain Learns to Read

 11.56 Inc. Vat

Literacy Set of 30 Decks of Flashcards with Flashbot

 150.00  125.00 Inc. Vat

Sandpaper Letters, Print

 31.95 Inc. Vat

Slant Board

 21.00 Inc. Vat

Versaboard – view video

 15.99 Inc. Vat

Double Sandpaper Letters Print

 27.95 Inc. Vat

The 44 Sounds Cards

 19.98 Inc. Vat

Ball Run – no assembly needed.

 109.79 Inc. Vat

Motor Activity Board

 24.98 Inc. Vat

Flik Flak Bead Maze

 19.95 Inc. Vat

Metal Insets

 51.50 Inc. Vat

Plastic Insets

 19.95 Inc. Vat

Stands for Insets

 35.50 Inc. Vat
montessori materials ireland pad for insets.

Pad 14 x 14 for Metal Insets

 3.30 Inc. Vat

Inset Paper 500 slips.

 6.50 Inc. Vat
Montessori Materials Ireland Holder for 3 Pencils.

3 Pencils Holder.

 1.25 Inc. Vat
Montessori Materials Ireland Single Inset Tray.

Single Inset Tray.

 11.95 Inc. Vat

Coloured Pencil Holders

 24.95 Inc. Vat

Book Shelf for Complete Library

 129.95 Inc. Vat

CVC Puzzles

 14.95 Inc. Vat

CVC Words Memory & Bingo Game

 14.98 Inc. Vat

CVC Flips

 11.98 Inc. Vat

Spelling Flips

 16.70 Inc. Vat

CVC Builders Activity Cards

 19.82 Inc. Vat

CVC Toolbox

 22.95 Inc. Vat

CVC word Factory

 23.95 Inc. Vat

Farm Inset Puzzle wood

 24.95 Inc. Vat

Set of 16 wooden farm figures.

 18.95 Inc. Vat

Discovery Puzzle Farm

 12.71 Inc. Vat

Double Open Barn

 75.00 Inc. Vat


 79.90 Inc. Vat

Open Barn with Animals

 88.50 Inc. Vat

Wooden Farm Fences

 10.00 Inc. Vat

Wooden Open Barn

 39.95 Inc. Vat

Large Movable Alphabet Red & Blue in Box.

 80.08  71.32 Inc. Vat

Small Moveable Alphabet Box.

 28.50 Inc. Vat

30 Magnetic First Words

 12.50 Inc. Vat

6 Phonics Games – view video

 24.35 Inc. Vat

Phonics Tiles

 29.95 Inc. Vat
Montessori Materials Ireland Detective Adjective Excercise.

Detective Adjective Exercise.

 33.95 Inc. Vat

Cause & Effect Colorcards

 39.95 Inc. Vat

What’s Added Colorcards

 49.95 Inc. Vat

Decoding Flashcards

 12.98 Inc. Vat