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Letters & Sounds - Junior Learning

Letters & Sounds - Junior Learning

Junior Learning’s literacy resources follow a systematic synthetic phonics-based approach. In this method, students are first introduced to a core set of letters, and are encouraged to play around with those sounds and words before progressing to a new set of letters. This enables kids to become familiar with sounds and spellings, so that they can gradually decode words in a natural progression and pace. The systemic phonics-based approach is also supported by the latest research in educational neuroscience, where each phase stimulates a specific part of the brain, responsible for different areas of functioning. The Junior Learning Letters and Sounds Readers have been written specifically for the progression of letters and sounds. They provide text-based context to practice their emerging phonics skills. Includes 72 fiction readers, each with colourful illustrations and 72 non-fiction readers, each with real-life photographs.
There are 6 Phases covered.
One per set of 24 Readers. 12 Fiction and 12 Non Fiction
Phase 1 – Phonemic Awareness.
Phase 2 – Letter Sounds.
Phase 3 – Phonics.
Phase 4 – Blends.
Phase 5 – Vowel Sounds.
Phase 6 – Spelling.
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