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Beechwood Geometric Shapes

Beechwood Geometric Shapes


Beechwood Geometric Shapes

 13.99 Inc. Vat

Color :

The blocks can be played with and placed back on the  board when finished.

A sturdy high quality finished beech wood objects and  sorter tray.

First object :  3 dimensional name : Cylinder. One object.

Second object : 3 Dimensional Name : Cuboid. formed from 2 equal sized cuboids.

Third object : 3 Dimensional Name : Triangular Prism  formed from 3 equal sized triangular prisms.

Forth object : 3 Dimensional Name : Cube formed from 4 equal sized cubes.

Fifth object : 3 Dimensional Name : Hexagonal prism formed from 5 equal sized triangular prisms.


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